Thursday, April 18, 2013

2012 Round up!

It's almost 2 years since graduation. And yes, I haven't been updating my life in this journal for 2 years! :p
I shall pen down the highlights over these 2 years in case these memories fades off..

Aug 2011 - 5 Jan 2012 : Project Officer in NTU
With the pressure to pay of my debts and to find a job, I settled for a Project Officer position in NTU, School of Material Science Engineering. 

So what did I gain/learn there over the 4 months?

1) Be nice to everyone if you want to get things done, or else life can get tough and unpleasant.
2) Reading journal and lab environment is really not my cup of tea!
3) Got to know a bunch of colleagues/labmates from different parts of the world. All of them are nice & smart people, but sadly, we're no longer in touch.

In the end, due to office politics (professors fighting for power), job prospect, job satisfaction, new job offer, I left to seek for greener pasture and so did most of my lab mates. Hope everyone is doing well :)

6-12 Jan 2012 : First Taiwan trip with dear :)
The next day after quitting my job, Wongee and I landed in Taiwan.
This was my first time in TW (Taipei & Hualien) and I love this country! Most of the people we met were well-mannered, roads were clean although you don't see rubbish bins everywhere, tasty and affordable food, breath taking scenery and loads of wonderful stuffs. Of course, the trip was enjoyable because of the great company :)

Taiwan would be a nice place to retire if not for the ageing population issue and earthquakes.
Hope to go back soon, to explore different parts of TW!

13 Jan 2012: Start of my career
This day is the start of my 'first' job, a contract role in a Chemical MNC for 1 year. The plan was to work hard, learn as much so that I will be offered a perm role in this company. And I was blessed to be converted after 1 year of service :)

There's still so much room for improvement, in terms of work performance, social skill and work attitude!
Oct 2012 
We had a new member in our family! Congrats to my elder sis, Baby K, our lil' precious was born :)
Looking forward to the day when she'll smile and not cry when she sees me!

These are my hightlights in 2012, a year with many good changes! :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


After 4 long years in NTU, I've finally, officially graduated!!, along with a certificate, friendships, chemistry knowledge (perhaps?) and a mountain of debt to clear.

Sitting in the auditorium hall yesterday, memories of NTU days started to flash through my mind. I am thankful that I had a great bunch of friends that pulled me through the tiring years, especially the first semester. The idea of giving up was strong back then, especially when I could only understand less than 50% of every lesson and scoring low grades for tests and exams.
Maybe its like pushing a car, its tough at the start, but once you overcome the inertia, its easier to keep the car going. Thanks to the extra few pairs of hands that helped me! :)

I miss those days meeting to take 179 to school together, coordinating to secure slots for course registration, getting samples from friends when my experiment fails (almost always -.-), helping each other to print notes and photocopying textbooks, da bao-ing chicken rice and finding benches during lunch peak hours, helping each other out with school work, studying together till 10+pm at lee wee nam library during exam period, burn midnight oil together, making each other nervous before the papers, celebrating after the last paper, giving each other encouragement when the morale was low. Those were the sweet days in NTU, during yr 1 and 2 when we were still a group. Subsequently, several reactions took place within the molecule including combination, addition, E1 and cracking :(

Thanks peeps for creating such wonderful footprints in my life, all the best to our future and my search for a new chapter :) Last but not least, my parents for giving me the chance to study in ntu, and dear for the emotional and welfare support! Hahaha

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The art of AH CHOO-ing

Recently, I hurt the top part of my back while sneezing, the intensity is similar to that of neck sprain (lao4 zhen3) when the sleeping position wasn't right and it lasted for a few days. It could be the angle of my sneeze that caused the pain. Normally, I'll hold back a sneeze by pinching my nose repressing it so that it won't be that loud. So, i did a search on the right way to sneeze. Gosh! I didn't know that a sneeze can go to the extent of rupturing a blood vessel :x

Googled and this was what I've found:

When u sneeze onto your fabric, the germs are left on it and allowed to "die". I've learned something new =)

Customer's rights!

78877, 78877.. I'm now really repelled by this number. Few days back, my dad came to me and asked why did my bill shoot from $30 to $70, i was shocked. Immediately i gave M1 a call and check things out, they claimed that it was charged by a third party funmobile and i subscribed to their membership for $9.98/week, a total charge of $60 to date. Blood boiled, still boiling now..when on earth did i sign up for it and i wasn't aware about it and worst thing is they claim that i actually made a valid subscription through WAP service.

A chant that i've been repeating to funmobile -I'm 100% sure that i did not apply for it or allow other parties to access my phone. I told them to check their records of me using their application like downloading ringtones and i had no record of it.

My next question to them was, using common sense, will someone subscribe for a service that he/she do not use? The answer is obvious, but what was told by funmobile was that they were not able to waive off the charges because i registered it regardless of whether i use the application or not.

I asked, how can one sign up for your services, wouldn't you need to provide any names or passwords and they claimed, by going into M1 Wap site, you can just link to apply by clicking on several buttons and tada u're registered for it. This is how friendly and convenient for one to subscribe to their membership. Just to add on the CSO told me that it is impossible for one to accidentally hit on the keypad and subscribe to it.

*Fight went on...*

Bad experience. Sometime you really need to raise your voice and call them donkey times to protect your money and rights. Without my authorization and consent to subscribe, these nonsense shouldn't have happen, and M1 as my 3+ yr service provider, did nothing much to help which I'm extremely disappointed, I believe they could have done more.

Case settled. Next thing that's bothering me is the tuition fees that my student owed me *faints*

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kite Flying!

Insects are never cute or beautiful, they are just freaking disgusting and irritating but this morning i spotted a special one, i'll categorise it as a moth, a blue heart shaped moth at the ceiling of my corridoor. I got so excited and took a pic of it, after a few snaps, it flutters it's wings and flew off.. As usual, it was followed by some screaming and running haha.

Zoomed 14 x
I've always wanted to fly kite, at last, thanks to HMM1 gang, I've got the chance to experience it! (:
My sis is interested in kite flying too, in the end, i brought Wong, 2 sis and sis in law along hahha! End up didn't talk much to HMM1s, sorry peeps :s
For some unknown reason, i get the viking feeling when flying kite especially when releasing the string, for fear that it'll just snap off and gone with the wind.
It's really really fun! Can't wait to fly it again (: A nice group pic to wrap the day up! .......................................................................

Monday, June 21, 2010


Friday 18/6/10

Me and my 2 sis were going for the jie-meis picnic with other jie meis, and i experienced some discomfort in my stomach on my way. Due to the pain and dizziness i alighted at dover and rushed to the toilet when suddenly things started to get really bright and i broke out into cold sweat that was practically dripping down my face. Fortunately my 2 sis were there to help me out of the cubicle and i rested at the station, from sitting to lying on the floor :s

I'm touched by what my sisters did, they made me feel like satay, fanning me and putting medicated oil :) Sis called Wong and he came down to Dover from work, it was then when he said he experienced the same thing.. so so so it must be the dinner we had the day before at Bukit Timah market!! It got worse in the evening, I vomited several times and we frequent the toilet. But thanks to LOPERAMIDE 2MG, i recovered the day itself but Wong had a tough night cos he fell sick ):

This is the day when 病猫 looked after 病猫 and 病猫 looked after 病猫 :) I'm so blessed to have dear to look after me, be my audience when i was "merlion-ing", despite feeling unwell. Thanks dear, it was a bearable experience with you around :) ♥

Saturday 19/6/10

We had dinner at Maxwell food centre and I bought the famous fish head bee hoon soup and spotted a housefly in the fish, after eating for 10 minutes! *pukes*
I returned the bowl to the uncle and asked for a refund, who knows that might be their secret recipe -.-

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Journey to the east! :)

Now i'm officially a year 4 student! Haha! Kinda reluctant to step into the working society, but this is something inevitable unless i strike TOTO :(

It had been a rather busy period for the past few months, from mugging for tests and exams, and now, working as an invigilator. Some of my friends are currently taking summer research and internships during this period yet i'm learning nothing *sigh. But good thing is that i'm not cooped up in the lab with those toxic chemicals.

Was working at Expo for the past few weeks, long journey but it's worth it considering the welfare, pay, workload and great colleagues there :) It is an interesting place to foster friendship where strangers made to walk up and down the rows, gathered at the back row for some resting, sharing sweets and gossips! Just when we've just started to build rapport with each other, the exams are coming to an end with most of them had their last day few days back :( I'll miss the fun time we had at the boring and cold warehouse! Well, hopefully there will be post-invigilation gatherings :)